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building better relationships...

Are relationships causing you pain and trouble? 

Have you been fighting with your spouse? Are you repeating the same argument over and over? Has your partner cheated on you? Is your family driving you crazy? Do you feel like you don't fit in?

If any of these situations sound familiar, I can help. I provide counseling to guide people in building better relationships, and living happier and more successful lives.

We can all benefit from counseling. It's a valuable way of looking at what's going on in life — with a knowledgable, unbiased listener who is experienced in dealing with issues like yours. When you're stuck because you're too close to a problem to look at it clearly, it's useful to get a new perspective so that you can make positive changes.

I work with couples who want to communicate more effectively, or create a more trusting relationship, or heal from an affair. Or, just stop fighting. I also provide discernment counseling for "split agenda" couples, when one spouse is considering divorce and the other is not.

For new couples who are considering marriage, I provide pre-marital counseling to help build a strong foundation for their relationship. 

And, I counsel individuals who are trying to manage their emotions, or are figuring out whether they want to repair a broken relationship, or struggling with step-parenting or co-parenting, or experiencing a rough time related to a life transition.

The way you look at things directly affects how you feel. And I can help you take a new look at what you're feeling, and guide you through whatever issues are making your life difficult.

If you think I might be able to help you, I hope you'll contact me or schedule an appointment to see me.

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